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Dawn Phen Experiment: Day 2



Ate supper at 7 instead of 5:30. Snack before bed was a slice of deli turkey. Bedtime reading 109 and fasting this morning was 120 so that is a lot better than yesterdays. -15 to be exact. Only woke up once to go to the bathroom so my sleep is so much improved as well as my leg cramps because of the dehydration during the night. I did have to take a prescription Previcid though in the middle of the night as my reflux is giving me a fit right now. Possibly I am drinking was to much coffee or adding so much to my WOE mainly spices. I doubt if it's the ginger because it calms your stomach but the garlic and tumeric could be one of the meanies. Sugars yesterday averaged 110 throughout the day so I am pleased with that and what pleases me most is I have cut my morning Metformin down to a 500 instead of a 1000. Mainly I feel like because I am much ore active during the day and rarely eat any carbs before I eat supper at night. I then take 1000. Been doing that all week and so far it's working. Go me!


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