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DPN and High Heeled boots



"Kooka have you lost your mind?" "No why would you ask that?" "Because hunzies you ordered a pair of knee high boots with heels and I'm afraid now that you are losing your mind." "Well I did put them on and they will look good with my long skirts this winter." "But can you walk in them without your calves going into spasms like they did this morning 2 minutes after you ripped the package open and went prancing around the living room?" "No but I figure if I practice a little each day I may get up to 30 minutes or so." "Kooka. You need medication. You should have had a serious conversation with yourself and come to a more sensible agreement like flat soles maybe." :shakehands: "Just shut up before I punch your lights out!" :boxing:


Last night experiment. Had a snack of pickles slices, small cheese slice and a slice of deli turkey before bed. Sugar 126 this morning so have any carb at all with the snack is not gonna work and besides that I have gained 6 pounds of water in 2 days from that Mexican cheese that I love! Today no cheese. :(


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