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Life is just a bowl of fat




Sometimes I get so sick of eating fat. Except fat bombs of course. made them into a nice candy bar yesterday with peanuts. I need some almonds then I could have almond bark. I guess whatever works. I hate this disease. MY leg hurts today from the knee down this morning hopefully can do some stationary bike today if it eases up some. . Hurts? I should say somebody lit a match to it. I believe its the new house slippers which were not cheap by a long shot but I can't hardly wear any kind of shoes so I just keep trying to find some. As for my boots I only need them to get into the car, out and into church, out and back into the car. LOL Keep on keeping on. What else can I do.

Exp. continues: Last night ate half a dill pickle, 2 slices of deli roasted turkey breast and 1 oz. of cheese. Still peed all night long but fasting was 120 this morning so I am happy.


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