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PT and Shock Therapy



PT: today for an hour. Seems as if I have knots under the front of my ankle bone and up the hamstring muscles. She did a deep massage. Lets just say the party was over before it even started. ugh Next week if the knots are still there they will do the dry needles into each knot. She says anyway. The guy Chris may not. It's a catch 22 either way.


Part 2: Waiting in the lobby was a heavy woman in a wheelchair. The front half of her foot had been amputated and she had metal pins (4 of them) sticking out of both sides of her legs about 6" and 4" above the ankle. She proceeds to tell me a few years ago she had broken a bone in her foot but because of having no feeling due to her diabetic neuropathy she never felt it so she never told her doctor. Well in due time the bone came right out of the skin so she had to have amputation, have pins inserted, move into assisted living and have PT basically forever.


Shock: The lady then reaches into her pocket and pulls out two giant Kit Kat bars and proceeds to eat them in less than 5 minutes. I almost passed out in shock! I can still she her cramming those chocolate bars like there was a party and she was the guest of honor. I can say one thing for sure and that is no candy bar, slice of bread, handful of fries, bowl of ice cream or anything else I used to eat on a daily basis will never cross my lips again! Her condition is forever imprinted on my mind. TWO candy bars. Unbelievable! :wacko:


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