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Cloudy,rainy arthritis, neuropathy day.



Hahahahahaha As I read that it just made me start laughing out loud. Yesterday after the PT worked the knots out of the hamstrings on my right leg I told my son it had been so long there was not pain in my calf I felt like I was walking on a foot joined to a knee. hahahahahahaha he raised his one eyebrow as usual. My arthritic knees do hurt today. My ankles and feet hurt from the neuropathy. It's my life. Most likely forever. Forever, Forever, Forever is a long time. Kinda depressed right now thinking about forever and laughing about pain. Maybe I am losing my mind. What I have left of it. Sometimes pain on a 24 hour basis can do that to you. Even narcotics only work for a few hours and I'd rather be addicted to pain that medication. I can't remember anymore the days I had no pain. So many years ago. I need to remind myself that I am still up, hanging to the rafters and living another day to enjoy my God and family and friends. I am rich and blessed no matter what my situation is. Plus I have fat bombs. hahahahahahahahahahahaha Okay Barbara get on with it.....


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