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Celebration Time Come On!



Okay so it's a song. I used to do exercise for an hour to that song on Richard Simmons dancing with the oldies. LOL Checked my sugar after church and it was 92! My body accepted it too not once trying to tell me it was too low and I was going to faint and die. I see this as progress. Oh yes. I see it as big progress since I have cut my Metformin fro 2/1000 a day to 2/500. First I just cut the morning one to 500 because after breakfast my sugars are good but the night ones hover around 105-115 so I still took the full 1000. I need to watch close though because if it starts creeping back up I will need to up one of them again. The evening one no doubt.


I want to eat an apple so bad. The apple farm is open now and last year I got a whole peck of MacIntosh and ate most of them myself. Unfortunately they raise my sugar to 180. I tried with peanut butter, with cheese and even with a slice of turkey but no my sugar goes up and stays up. I have to keep reminding myself I like my feet. I love my feet. They burn sometimes. I love them. They freeze solid when I walk sometimes. I love them. They swell. They hurt so bad I wake up in the middle of the night. I love them though and when I look down they are still there.


I praise You God in the good and bad of life. Keep me strong and humble and in my sins grant me grace and mercy. I know that wherever I am there You are.


"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


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