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Its a earache, sore throat, gerd kinda day.




Blah. Blah day. Cloudy outside and cloudy inside. Gerd is giving me a sore throat and it has given me a earache. Antibiotics for the ear have prednisone in them so it is giving me edema. Well lets have a party! To celebrate I believe I shall begin with taking my Previcid and stopping all herbal teas and lower my fat. Mostly I eat bacon fat. I think maybe between that and coffee I need to add one at a time for a few days to catch the one that is giving me fits.


. This morning a new low. 103 even with having the Dawn for overnight company. My 30 day average on my meter has gone from 167 to 123. I am stoked! PT is helping so much to lower my pain in the legs except for the right foot and ankle which is a beast! Feet still getting hot and then frozen and socks feel weird but I am getting some diabetic ones at the store tomorrow and also some popcorn seasoning to put into my flax cracker recipe.


Each time I look at your face and am blessed with one of your "I love you Grammy" I will fight the fight to the end.


"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."


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