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Lazy uneventful wasted day



Washed dishes. Took the dog out. Made a salad and cooked breakfast. That is my whole day. Trying to find a ENT close by because my ear is on fire inside despite the fact I have been using antibiotic drops for a week now. May just go to urgent care Friday afternoon since I still have a doctor apt. + a PT appointment this week. My sugar is in really good control. Not as low as it could be perhaps but it's a learning process and I have managed to cut my Metformin in half and still keep the BG's in the 80's to 90's most of the day.. Fasting is looking better also less than 120 instead of in the 160's. Onward and forward. This blog post is boring me and I am the one writing it. So ta,ta, bye,bye, see you later alligator.


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