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Another wasted day at urgent care plus the doctors



Doc L wants me in PT for another 5 weeks twice a week. He x-rayed the ankle and said it looked okay but if I really wanted an MRI he would order one and I denied. When I go back in 6 weeks if it's still the same then yes I will get it. Now in a soft ankle brace to help me balance. He wrote me a prescription for 20 LorTabs which is now a level 2 narcotic for cripes sake. It's half Tylenol. They had to contact the FDA before they could even write me a script for 20!!! I only take a half of one when I want to cut my leg off with a chain saw so the 20 will most likely last the rest of the year because they make me so nauseated. Then the druggist tried to treat me like I was either an addict or a street dealer. I told him if I wanted to be addicted to something I'd start drinking Jack Daniels again or maybe Salty Dogs. LOL


Then went to urgent care for my ear, waited an hour and she said it would be over another hour before I got in so I left. Called the place the doc wanted me to go to have custom innersoles made because of my feet and they said Medicare does not accept them as a medical necessity. It's been quite a delightful day that's for sure. So if I was not the good girl that I am I would eat a brownie....and a cookie......and a hot fudge sundae. But I won't. So there stupid diabetes!


" I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"


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