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Shea butter is my friend



Having a fairy decent day for a change. I am doing little however because I don't want to "rock the boat." I have to do the stationary bike soon and I am kind of ignoring it. Got my order for raw, organic Shea butter in the mail yesterday. This brand is soft enough to get out a small blob instead of trying to dig it out with a spoon. Nice smells too. I rubbed down my feet and ankles with a nickel sized gob before bed last night and this morning I see a 75% improvement in my dry skin especially on top of my foot. Today made the whipped with just the Shea, organic coconut oil and 2 caplets of Vit. E. and put them into 2 tins. One is for my friend who has flakey skin on her legs and she uses my cream to get rid of it in one of two applications. So I am feeling good about that.


My pain level right now is under a 4 and my blood sugar is under 100. So hoping they legalize cannabis here as my doctor said only a tiny amount would give me 24 hrs. of no pain. I can't even imagine it. A day without pain. I don't even remember how that feels. I used too years ago but now it's a dimmer and dimmer memory. The government would rather me be addicted to pain I guess. Of course I would not need any today because today it's not as bad as some days. On those days I would prefer and chain saw just to get rid of my legs from the knees down. I would love to go to the grocery for an hour and not limp out or maybe go shopping with my friend and afterward have lunch like we used too but now she goes by herself because I just can't stand the pain.


This is my life though so today is a good day. My knees hurt some but my ankle does not thank goodness and I don't even have the brace on it. Go me! So off to look for foodies for lunch. Me thinks a tossed salad with turkey, ham and cheese and a nice cup of tea. Then the dreaded bike. Then the dreaded ankle pain. Then who knows. Maybe it won't last all night. I am not going that far with my thoughts at the moment. Tomorrow is church. I hope my feet do not freeze into ice cubes or burn in the furnace. We shall see. We shall.


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