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A day of business and weirdness



Busy today. Went to Sunday school then to church then to urgent care ,the pharmacy, to Wendys then to a friends then back home then to church again and now I am home. I am tired to say the least. Sugar was 125 this morning and 99 tonight. Didn't eat much and now I am hungry but I know how bad the Dawn is if I eat within an hour of going to bed. The ear ache appears not to be an ear canal infection but a inner ear infections that is also affecting the jaw and causing one side of my face to swell. Seems all those antibiotic ear drops were for nothing and now I am on a ZPack. Hopefully I will see results quickly.


Quite weird my leg. The left leg not the right which they are treating more aggressively because of the swelling and pain in the top of the foot and the ankle. Nope. It's now the left calf. It feels weird. Not tingly or painful just odd. It feels kind of numb but it's not numb because I know it's there. When I lightly run my fingers over the skin it feels like maybe an electric current under the skin. I hate the pain but the numb scares the crap out of me. Numb means no feeling and that means no walking and that means a chair and that means an assisted living home. I do not like numb. Not!


Maybe it was caused by sitting a lot today walking to much or not doing my PT exercises. I am hope tomorrow the pain is back. Hoping for pain now aint that a rip.


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