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Life is just a pain in the




ear! Seems like this ear infection hurts more not using the drops even though the doctor said the drops are useless take the pills. Now I am afraid to mix two different antibiotics so we will see. My legs are doing pretty good of course so is my rear end which has sat in a chair most of the day. I'm surprised it's not numb. The weird feeling in my left leg is gone today but two of my toes hurt. This whole neuropathy thing drives me crazy sometimes. Last night at the new study at church being upstairs, ugh, I never though I was going to get back down the stairs. It was much worse than getting up to the top. Ski walks backwards down the steps in front of me and every time I make a sound or grit my teeth he jumps like I am going to fall. That even made me more uneasy about my balance. It was kind but annoying. Next week I am going down last.


Had a cheese egg omelet for breakfast. Once I am really into the LC I never get hungry and eating and cooking is such a chore. I'd just as soon fast for life. Picked around on lunch meat and nuts for lunch. I know I have to make something for dinner but not a thing appeals to me and my face being swelled on one side and my ear and jaw hurting doesn't help much. Neither did waking up before 5 a.m. Maybe I will try and nap after Jon picks up the babe after school. Me nap. That is the joke of the year. Remembering my black butterfly. Makes me smile.


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