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Some days suck and then you move on




The day after PT. Always painful. Always sucks the whole day into tomorrow. Of course I had cramps and spasms in my feet and left leg all night so I am tired.


Pastor Danny is having 6 hour cancer surgery today. Children are being starved and abused. Many are starving all over the world. People are suffering from terrible diseases and medical treatment. People are weeping. Old people are being neglected. How much pain is out there? Far worse than mine I know. I have seen it with my own eyes and heard it. Let me count the ways. Today my prayers are not for me but for them. Today my heart weeps for them. Tomorrow my pain will be a little less but theirs may be the same or worse.


I am first and foremost a prayer warrior for the found and the lost of this temporary fading planet. Second I am a prayer warrior for the hurting. I will stand until I can't stand and if I cry I know my Lord Jesus catches those tears and gives me hope for a better thing to come. Today I have to fight the urge to quit. Today I will fight to win again.... and tomorrow and the day after........and forever


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