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Expect the worse but hope for the best.



Went to that BIO place today. Seems there is a problem with the Metatarsal bones in the right foot. When she rubbed underneath the foot I felt the pain on top of the foot. Also the arch has fallen and stretching th skin so tight it's causing swelling, redness and pain plus strain on the ankle bone. All sensations are now gone on the sole of the right foot but it is still not numb so I did a happy dance on that info. The left arch has only slightly fallen so they are making my insoles. $250.00 with a lifetime guarantee and I can make payments monthly so I accepted since Medicare nor my private health care will not pay for them. Not much choice really. I am so hoping it works but trying not to get my hopes up to high yet. We shall see. Come back in two weeks and bring your shoes. No more sandals for me but since I have to wear socks all the time it's no big deal.


Foot hurts right now but I do see something brighter in the future. I am going to remain positive even if I feel like screaming and getting a chainsaw. I have hope. :)


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