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Blah rainy sleepless night



Foot tremors, and cramps, muscle spasms and pain. Got maybe 2 hours sleep. Cant lay down to nap because laying down hurts the legs and sitting in the recliner hurts the feet. I need a break. Ear on fire so the z pack did nothing and I have to call my ENT Monday and make yet another appointment with yet another doctor. Important though since I did have head and neck cancer. This has been going on to long over 2 weeks so it's time. Oh yes to get a checkup.


Oh well. I did make me some 3 carb gravy for my egg and bacon this morning with 1 tsp. reg. flour and 1/4 cup of sf almond milk. It was yummy. Reminded me of momma and biscuits. LOL I need to look for almond flour at the store today if I can get up enough energy and stamina to get my pajamas off and walk half an hour. UGH. Some days are UGHS.


"Lift thine eyes to the hills from whence cometh thy help"


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