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It's a rare day in May except it's October.



It's a beautiful day today. Church was good, the singing was awesome. The dinner afterward was excellent. I wore the leather ankle boots I bought last week and my feet never swelled at all. I even walked down and back up a flight of stairs and didn't limp on the way to the car. I am thinking it may be the extra support of the boot. The ankle brace makes my foot hurt worse and leaves small bruises in a few places so I believe I am sticking with the boot. Tried my knee boots but I knew for sure I couldn't do stairs in those even thought they have no heel on them. The only exception was the two toes on the left foot which hurt a lot when walking and I keep forgetting to ask the doc about them but I will when I go for my diabetic foot exam at the Podiatrist Tuesday. I am also requesting the diabetic shoes. May as well. He offered them to me 4 years ago and I said no but now I'm having second thoughts.


Getting a tremor now in the index finger of my left hand. Once it starts to shake it just goes on for an hour or more and then it stops. At least it's not in the right hand so I am blessed in many ways. Not much sleep again even with 1 1/2 Xanax. I still woke up in 2 hours with leg pain. Once it starts then even if I do get a few hours of sleep it's light and restless. I always feel tired and drained but at least I still feel something. God is good all the time.


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