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And another fairly good day




Still doing good except for the ear. Made an apt. with the ENT but could not get in until next week. This stresses me out because of the head and neck cancer I already survived. Now an earache for almost 20 days? It makes me nervous. Sleeping still is not going well with the legs. Once I wake up in 2 hours or so I then hurt so much I drift in and out of sleep the rest of the night and stay tired all day. You just can't win them all. I opened a can of Gold Star chili and dumped half a cup on a bowl of shredded lettuce and motz. cheese. I know it sounds gross but it was not really to bad plus it was quick. Sitting here now waiting for the Met to absorb so I can take my Gerd medicine. In other words waiting for heartburn. LOL Onward and forward.


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