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My pancreas and why it contols my life



Almost time for another CT/MRI on my pancreas tail. I know the tumor continues to grow but in the islet cells of the tail it grows slower. Last year it had doubled in size from 7 years before when it was first found. They tried doing a biopsy but could only get to the margins which were clear. They prefer not to take it out even though it's 1/3 of the tail because it's still benign and it's a massive operation which my health is not really strong enough for. I used to blame my diabetes on the tumor but if that were the case I know this HFLC eating would not be consistently bringing the numbers down. Just one of the things I have blamed for my current condition. I am finally just coming around to accepting the neuropathy and living a day at a time unless I am in some massive pain and then I am taking it one minute at a time. Life goes on and so do we unless we check out so why worry.


Monday I am going to the Podiatrist for my diabetic foot check and Tuesday to the ENT. Thursday going for the Biotic shoe inserts. I hope I can adjust to them really fast. Like 5 minutes. lol Just keep on keepin' on.


"one day I will soar like the wings of eagles, home to my Lord and the place He is preparing for me."


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