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Fastest way to forget you have an inner ear infection



Drop a wooden bird feeder on your neuropathy affected toes. I think my brain popped out of my head. I hope I never do that again. Mercy it was so bad. Instantly made a small blood mark where the tip hit I guess. UGH


My decision last night paid off but due to the fact I did take the pickle juice and took the metformin 2 hours after dinner I am not sure which made my sugar lower this morning. My calves still hurt all night but no cramps or spasms which the pickle juice is supposed to stop. As for taking the metformin later I only woke up once during the night to go pee and usually I wake up at least 4 times if not more. I am sure this is due to my sugar rising all night and my kidneys trying to get rid of it.


Meter said 79 this morning. I did not take that to heart though because I did a control solution first and also used my other meter which was higher so I have settled on 94. I did notice though that my sugar rose slightly 1 and 2 hours after breakfast and at the three hour mark settled at around 103. Usually my 1 and 2 hour after breakfast shows a consistent drop but not today. However I would rather it go up during the day so I can correct it than while I'm asleep. How pickle juice can help control blood sugars is beyond me. Hopefully, with all the stuff I try and advice I give on herbs and oils, they never bring back the witch hunts because I would be the first one burned at the stake. hahahahahaha


Goodnight Blog.


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