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Going to bed until Tuesday



This ear is the bane of my existence. My face is swelled on one side. My node under my ear is swelled. My jaw hurts as well as my eye socket and my eye and my jaw keeps trying to lock on me. No fever though. oh lucky me. :wacko: Only have taken the z pack, the drops and now took the third dose of Keflex at 3:30. I so hope I get some relief by tomorrow. Took an anti-inflamatory a bit ago but no relief. tried to do some ear drops but my canal is swelled shut so that leaves the heating pad. I tried to hint to my son I was to sick to cook hoping he would bring me something tonight but I have to cook. To bad diabetics have to eat or get cramps from Metformin. I don't want to cook much less eat.


Sugar-94 right now before dinner. Tonight taking Metformin 2 hours before bed. Will see how it goes in the morning.


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