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Pickle juice continues and 8:00 Metformin



Took the pickle juice and it most definitely cured my indigestion in a few minutes. LOL Took the metformin again at 8:00 -2 hours after dinner. I was tired and couldn't sleep and wanted food because I was having a pity party for myself so I had a cheese stick. Then I had a stick of celery with all natural peanut butter. I then considered getting up out of bed later and making some flax crackers. I didn't. I drank water instead. It was an unusual evening. Missing my late husband and my Mom and my brothers and sisters and getting depressed to a point. Finally just turned off the light and called it a day before I raided the kitchen. Peed all night long. I was yawning in ladies group and in Church this morning. How embarrassing. :unsure:


Anyway my fasting sugar was 121 this morning. Not happy with that to a point because my goal it 120 or lower for fasting. I ate an egg and slice of ham for breakfast and it instantly started going down until it landed on 91 and has stayed there and will til I go to bed again. Lunch and dinner will raise it to 101-110 for about 15 minutes and then down it will go. Weird disease. :blink:


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