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My 6 minute feet check



At the podiatrist this morning for 6 minute exam. "You have neuropathy. You are elderly and your foot is red on top from tiny broken veins. Your neuropathy is very advanced from the hip down on your left side from back surgery. Your toes underneath are inflamed that is why they hurt. Your feet are not really on fire or frozen it's just the nerves sending mixed signals to the brain. Why are you here? The bionic insoles should help everything including the toes. if not come back and see me." Out the door he went. What a waste of time. I am so ticked off. Now I hope Medicare will pay for it since I am already seeing the orthopedic surgeon about the right foot. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Took the Met. at 8:15 p.m. 2 hours after dinner. This morning fasting was 106. The thing is that taking the pill 2 hours after dinner causes my after meal BG's not to drop back down from the spike to the 90's. Now I am conflicted about keeping it lower all evening or overnight. Overnight I have no clue how high it goes or when it starts to go up. Now I have to make some kind of decision. Maybe tonight I will take it 1 hour after dinner and see how that works out in the morning.


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