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What a wasted day. I could just scream!




Went all the way out of town to this new ENT about my ear. Got there an hour early and here his office told me they had no morning appointments except on Friday and whoever told me 9:30 was mistaken. I was so mad! So I left here at 8:a.m. and came home at 10:30 with the earache still. I have never had a month long earache so now I guess I can be the earache poster child of 2015. Today and my 5 minute diabetic foot exam yesterday and just about ruined my mood. Called my old ENT who took care of my throat cancer and he has nothing open until the 28th. UGH!


Had dinner around an hour and a half later last night and the BG's were 105 this morning. However all night long I had the lightening vibrations in my legs. I hate them! It's like all the nerves are vibrating at the same time which of course cause my foot to cramp up two different times. How anybody can continue to live a quality life on 3 or 4 hours of sleep is beyond me. It can be done though since I am still breathing. (sic) I don't even like my own pun.


Having dinner later again tonight to see if it works again to my benefit in the morning fasting. Right now I could care less to be truthful about it. Ear hurts, legs hurt, jaw hurts, throat hurts and I am sleepy. I need a break! :angry:


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