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Not a good night/ no sleep and leg spasms and cramps




I have my sugars in good control now yet I am still getting the spasms, twitches and cramps either in my feet or legs or both. The tendons suck in so far up my calves I could lay a pencil in the rut. It is painful to the max. Needless to say I am getting little sleep. A few hours at most even with Tylenol PM or Xanax. Last night I took a Benedryl and still work up with cramps. The ear pain is the same. I feel like I'm batting a zero sometimes. I keep trying to keep my spirits up and be grateful for my many blessings but it's hard sometimes when everything is such a chore. Making the bed or washing the dishes. All a chore.


I go for fittings on my bionic insoles tomorrow. So glad they have time payments or I'd be sol. Taking a bag of my shoes with me hopefully I don't forget. ugh I am so hoping it helps the inflammation under the two toes on my left foot. Just getting rid of that pain would help my moral some. Oh well. Take the good with the bad. There is still more good than bad and I need to remember that!


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