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Got the bionic inserts today



How do I say walking on baseballs is so comfortable? I don't. :wacko: hahahahahaha Funny how they feel like baseballs under the arch but they look flat. Nothing like the ones I checked out on amazon which looked like weird sandals without straps, She said the feet, ankles and toes would hurt for a while but within a week or two I should have lots of pain relief in the toes on the left side and the foot and ankle on the right side. Wow. It will feel great to go to the store and not need help getting into the car afterward. I am pretty stoked. The only lousy part is country gals do not like to wear shoes. :D


Sugar under 100 after breakfast and a MacDonald salad sent me on a spike to 145. The small chicken breast was breaded is all I can figure out. I had the salad and water. Told them no corn but there was some kind of corn chip looking things in there. Maybe a TBS. or 2. Won't be eating that again for sure. :o


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