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Tried something new today



This morning my fasting was 107. I decided I would not take a Metformin with breakfast to see if I could just skip it. Well I spiked at 114 and there I stayed. Thanks to another member I realized that was rather foolish and decided to take it at lunchtime. I did (had taco mix, cheese and salsa on a LC soft tortilla shell) and it went down to 100 in half an hour and has stayed there. I had an avocado w/ evoo and cider vinegar and steamed Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli with budda for a late dinner and went ahead and took the other pill with that. My sugar now before bed is 123 (could be I had no meat) an hour afterward so I will check again in another hour. I see now that was a bad move on my part and will not repeat that mistake anytime soon. I dread my fasting read in the morning. UGH


My foot has been swelled and tight all day. I noticed what appeared to be a burst blister on top right under my middle toe. I used peroxide and antibiotic salve on it. I will be watching it that's a positive. I never even felt it. Just saw it. Scary stuff not to feel especially on the sole of this foot. I have to check it all the time to make sure it has no cracks or ulcers or cuts. I check them both but pay extra attention to the right one since the left still has sensations.


I be tired now. Goodnight blog. :goodnight:


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