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Metformin/ diabetes and life




Went back on the 1000x2 Metformin. Even though my WOE stayed the same my bg's were slowly creeping up. It took 3 days but I am back down in the mid 90's again. The $250.00 insoles made my foot swell up and it looked like I had a large donut wrapped around my ankle. What a waste of money. Actually what I should say is what a waste of hope. Had some. Gone now. Life.


The blister on top of my foot dried up and now there is a tiny ulcer on top. Glad I am seeing my foot doctor soon. What people do not understand about neuropathy is the sensation goes and though an area may not seem numb you can step on something and not feel a thing. I stood on a machine that felt like a scouring pad vibrating under my left foot. I felt nothing under my right. That is how you end up with gangrene.


Checking the feet top and bottom and between the toes is the best thing a diabetic can do for themselves. Some who get neuropathy do not have the pain like I do and I don't have pain in some places and in some I do. Some don't know they have it until they find a cut and it has already infected. The top of my bad foot feels like leather. Sort of like I have my gym shoe on and tied. My ankles feel like a rope is wrapped around them. It never goes away these feelings.


I do not think diabetes will be cured in my lifetime. I do not think diabetic neuropathy will be cured in my lifetime. I do think all diabetics would be schooled about neuropathy. It's a very nasty condition that sneaks up behind you like a shadow and tries to destroy your life Or at least the quality of your life. It succeeds.


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