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One day the FDA is gonna be after me




I have so many pills here I am afraid to get any more. Now I am on a muscle relaxer to help my stress while I sleep and keep me from clinching my teeth together. I am on Pain pills and tranquilizers and Bentyl and 6 Ibuprophin a day among the diabetes stuff and the reflux stuff. Not sure how to juggle it all. I think I will take the Ibuprophin in the morning and then the muscle relaxer at bedtime and skip the rest except for the Metformin, vit, D3 and the Previcid. Taking that stuff is not my cup of tea.


Sugar this morning was 124 and 2 hours after breakfast it was 90. It will be hard since I basically have to blend everything with this TMJ issue now. Haven't wore the insoles either. I need too sine the outside of my right calf feels bruised inside but I can live with it. Of everything that's happened this year this is by far a pain in the butt. Boiling zuchinni and I will make some soupy tuna and maybe for supper. Hopefully it will work and I will not require surgery to repair the joint. In my research it rarely helps anyway.


Finally managed to get that trogon virus off my p.c. even if it did take almost all day. Onward and forward.


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