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Bad days are here to stay



Here I lie in bed with no hope for sleep soon. The pain pill did nothing. I was fairly fine until I lay down and now I am a brain,feet,ankles and calves with nothing in between. I do feel like crying tonight. I feel like maybe I need to save up for a good recliner to sleep in. Laying down lately is just way too painful. If somebody told me they had just broken all their toes I could honestly say I know how you feel.

What a crappy state of affairs. How stupid that they grouped the cannabis vote as one issue instead of having a recreational and a medical separately. Now there is no hope for me to have one day without pain. It's so unfair. I bet if the Mayor or Congressmen needed relief they could do it. Oh well. I am beyond caring.

Tired of waiting for the Sugar Crush book on Overdrive so I am calling the library tomorrow to see if they can get it in for me. Maybe there will be some hope in that.

Goodnight sweet Prince wherever you are.


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