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Nighttime thoughts



It's a new year and oh my did our life change for hubby and me as he was diagnosed with diabetes on January 1st, confirmed positive GAD65 earlier this week. But no worries, he's fine, we're both fine and he's taking it all very well and his levels are generally pretty good now considering everything.

We fell asleep relatively early tonight, but of course I didn't get all that much sleep before waking up randomly so here I am now, writing a little before trying to go back to sleep for a few more hours. Figured I might as well use the time to do something since I'm rarely able to just go back to sleep instantly if I wake up like this.

Hubby is still asleep, he's still a bit more tired than his usual self even though he's feeling a lot better now when his glucose levels are down to more normal levels, than he did just a week ago when he was running high and we didn't know.

We've made a smart deal with each other now too, he keeps his monitor by his pillow so if I wake up like this, I can easily check his glucose levels. It's a bit cumbersome for me to reach his monitor if he had kept it on the bedside table by his side of the bed, I can't walk at all and would have to transfer into my wheelchair to go there. But now it is on the bed, right between us. I just checked him and he didn't wake up from it, and thankfully he's at a good level now so I don't have to wake him up. If he wakes up at night and I'm asleep, he checks my CGM to see where I'm at, that's something he's been doing since we moved together, just for peace of mind. He doesn't wake up at night very often though, but when he does, he checks on me if I'm still asleep. Now we'll simply check on each other at night if the other is asleep. It feels safe! But we're not setting any alarms to check on each other, we'll just check on each other if waking up anyways, like I did now.

He's already mentioned looking into getting a CGM as well to be able to keep track better, and to have a system that warns if he's going too high or too low. He doesn't mind the finger poking, it's just that it's limited in a way, it can be a long time between tests and things can happen fast. He's a little bit afraid of glucose levels going all over the place while sleeping because he knows far too well what a bad hypo at night can do to your following day, after seeing me being like a zombie most of the day on more than one occasion after having battled a nighttime hypo the night before.


Beginning to feel really sleepy again so think I'll just check my CGM and check manually as well while I'm at it, and then go back to sleep if I can.


Well, my blood glucose is all good as well, so off to sleep I go, again!


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It's a way for us to feel safe at night :) And we care a lot about each other! I wake up more at night than hubby does though, and if I wake up to the point where I'm truly awake and can't just fall back to sleep instantly, I'll at least check my pump to see how my glucose is doing. Sometimes I check manually as well.

Now I'll also check hubby since his diagnose last week, and since he doesn't have a CGM, checking manually is the only way to go and there's no piece of technology that wakes us up if his glucose is out of range, for the most part hypos is a worry since he takes Levemir in the evening and the little peak it has, happens overnight. His doses aren't 100% yet either, and may go both up and down as he looses more of his own insulin production or go into the honeymoon period. 


Diabetes is never fully predictable, but in my personal experience, it's a bit more predictable once the honeymoon is over and you only get the insulin that you inject or pump. Needless to say, my D honeymoon was not a smooth ride :lol: 

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