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So glad the blogs are still here!



I totally forgot about the blog feature, and I was happy to see that mine is still here from 4 years ago! It was funny to read those first few entries, when I was so terrified. And a good reminder, because my current attempt to get the BG down is going exactly as it did when I was dx'd. Best numbers during the day, bad numbers at bedtime and fasting. History repeats itself!


Today I went to a Greek restaurant that's within walking distance of my office. I had souvlaki chicken, a side salad, and a few green beans. It was absolutely delicious, and my BG barely moved. Yay!! I had to pretend I didn't see the rice or bread on the table. ;)


The next step in my attack is exercise. It's more difficult this time around, because my old office building had a 2-mile track around it, and this new office is smack-dab in the middle of an industrial area. There is a park nearby, but I have to get in my car to get there. I don't want to exercise after work, because my dogs are alone all day, and I need to get home. I'll figure something out!

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