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Blue Cross seems to be okay for the medication part plus if I do a health survey and health coach goal thingy I get almost $200.00 on a wellness card to use toward medicine or medical doctors and purchases. Other than going to Meijer's and take advantage of their free medications including Metformin I can use it for co-pays or a heating pad LOL Now if they would just pay more on test strips life would be much calmer.


My BG's were 148 this morning when I got up. I did eat supper at 6 and had a dill pickle before bed. I know here soon it will be under 100 since I just ate breakfast a tad ago. I am no going to try exercise 2 hours before bed and one night I ate a can of Vienia (can't spell the dang word) sausages and the FB was 124 next morning. I may start trying that also.


Neuropathy in the foot still keeps it red and swollen but the legs seem not to be so painful as long as I don't cut my carbs under 30 so I am remaining at 40-50 even it my BG's are a tad higher. Sure miss wearing cutie shoes and sandals though and knee boots with a high heel on them. boohoo Going to try and be more active during the day though that often causes more pain later in the day. Pain is pain whether I do exercise or not so bring it on!


Until then peace on earth good will to men.


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