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Spastic fantastic



I haven't slept much nor well overnight, been having a fair bit of leg spasticity and I can't really pinpoint as to why. Now I do have spasms in my legs from time to time, but for the most part it doesn't wake me up or keep me awake. Most of the time I just get some spasms after a transfer or going over a bump or something.

Maybe I need to increase my muscle relaxant a bit, I'll talk with my doctor about it if my legs keep being this annoying at night tomorrow and over the weekend. It doesn't just disturb my sleep but also my husband's sleep as we sleep next to each other. When one or both of my legs spasms it can make the entire bed shake some. It's really quite annoying, I'd have to say it's the most annoying part about being paralyzed from a spinal cord injury. I can live with not being able to walk, but the spasms can be very bothersome and even cause injuries at times because of my underlying disorder. But other than those issues, my quality of life has actually improved some, as weird as that may sound! I used to have very intense pain in my hips and knees but since my injury, I no longer physically feel that pain, although my body still reacts to the pain so it doesn't mean I don't have to treat the pain. It's a relief to not feel it at least. It's really difficult to explain it all. If you've seen the movie The Intouchables you've seen the phenomenon at least as there are scenes in the movie where the paralyzed main character has moments where his body reacts to pain that he can not feel because of his injury.


Anyways, when I couldn't sleep I just spent some time watching videos on YouTube and reading some on my iPad while waiting for my spasms to calm down. Being awake of course also meant checking glucose levels from time to time, both on myself and hubby. Hubby takes his Levemir before bed and has been considering back and forth to split his dose or change to take his Levemir in the morning instead because he's afraid of night time lows, but the most likely is to split his dose because he finds it doesn't quite last the 24 hours it's supposed to last, it's more like 18-20 hours for him so he tends to need to take a bit more insulin with dinner and/or a small correction later in the evening depending on how his blood sugar is doing that particular day. Not getting the full 24 hours kinda makes it tricky to take the Levemir only in the morning, but on the other hand, with not eating for many hours it may still work okay unless he gets hit badly with DP. On the nights when I have checked on him, he does seem to have some DP in the early hours of the morning but not very much, on the other hand, he's only been diagnosed for a few weeks so the honeymoon period could begin at any point and he still has some insulin production on his own as well, morning, evening or both is something we'll figure out, but he seems keen to split the dose so I think he'll try that over the weekend already because he's been talking about it for a while now. Guess he'll try to call his team after breakfast to talk with them a little about his plans.

This past night I had to wake him because he was beginning to go low at about 03:00, not very low but it could have turned into a full blown night time hypo if both of us had been asleep. He had some juice and a protein bar before going back to sleep, the protein bar has 11g of carbs out of which only 0.9g is actual sugar so it works pretty well for keeping the glucose level up when wanting to prevent a hypo or avoid going low again if the next meal is many hours away. At least that's my experience and protein bars are easy to have by the bed, taste like candy- mmmmmm candy! It's also quite filling. I tend to have a protein bar as a bedtime snack if I'm slightly below my comfort zone even though I'm on a pump with CGM. It's just so unnecessary to have to wake up to eat something as even the Smart Guard isn't a guarantee for having no hypos, when you can just eat something before bed instead of gambling with your sleep quality!


Now I should get up and have some breakfast before trying to get a nap.


Hope everyone in any blizzard area will stay safe!


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