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The never-ending story



My feet, legs and knees and hands have been crushed for two weeks everyday all day. Add that to the arthritis in the ankles and hands it's no wonder I have extreme fatigue. Now today the bottom of my feet are on fire. I can barely walk these days.

I know I am getting depressed and the more fatigue and pain is sucking me down in a pit. I have a doc apt. next week so I know he is going to talk Lyrica again. I would rather take Zoloft again. Took it years ago before the back surgery and had no withdrawals when I stopped.

Oh well this is my life though I often wonder if it is a life. It's not a productive one that's for sure. Blah blah blah


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Kooka - I am new to ClubD! so I am reluctant to speak up since I am ignorant to many aspects of this disease.  I suppose I will learn in time since I have no choice.


For what it is worth you brightened my day with your reply to my post referring to "pissing and moaning".


I am not overly into religions but they all stress loving others.  To me, a definition of loving another is making a difference in their day that makes it better than it was.  You did that for me today and while I know it doesn't pay the bills, it is still productive in a far better way.


Please let us know how you are doing.  People that are new to ClubD! will benefit from your knowledge and experience. ~ Mike

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Oh my blog is full of whine with no cheese. I love all these darling people as they often get me through my bad days and weeks and months. You will find they are a wealth of information. P.S. I am a God fearing Baptist. Lol

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Kooka - I am glad.  I like you!  I can tell you that I am not into Buddhism or Islam.  I seem to be "blessed" with the spirit of Thomas as far as it is easier for me to believe something that I can observe.


I do believe in God.  I believe the universe was created.  There is too much evidence and it just does not make sense to me that the universe came from random chance.  Jesus did exist and I believe he was the son of God.


I will even go out on a limb and say it is possible the "Big Bang" (which is just a theory and is not proven by the way) could be evidence of the creation.  Explanation does not diminish or take away from the wonder and beauty of Creation.


But back to the world.  We all need some cheese and "whine" from time to time.  I will pray that God helps you through this trial. ~ Mike

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