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I could kill for a....



Bowl of ice cream. A brownie with nuts and icing. A house sized slice of chocolate fudge cake. A malt. A key lime pie...from Florida....on the beach....with a beer. Okay so no beer. Going on 12 years not eating this stuff and sugar free just does not cut it sometimes.

Unlike my late, beautiful brother, I do not want it enough to give up my legs and then my heart and then my life. Love and miss you my precious person. It was an honor.


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You have been an inspiration to this new member of ClubD! I thank God I found this forum I was lost and clueless before I am still lost but I have the tools to find my way. Testing, testing, and more testing!


More importantly real life advice. Thank you! ~ Mike

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I feel you, kooka! And in fact, during my relapse I had all those things, which of course led to re-gaining 70 lbs. and BG out of control.


I dragged myself back, because I don't want to lose my legs or feet or eyes, either. It's so hard, though. *hugs*

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I was in a similar position in the Fall of 2014. No Energy. Sleeping all the time. Unable to concentrate. Then the pain....I got out of the chair at work in Dec 2014 and a co-worker asked me if I hurt that bad. I asked him what he meant. He said "You grim mac when you stand." I did hurt. I would rather sit than walk. My legs hurt all the time.


Please stay with me. I have been T2 for 24 years and on insulin the last 4 yrs. This brought on weight gain and more feeling of hopelessness. This same time period, my annual eye exam taught me the new word Rettnopathy but so far only in the peripheral. My A1c was 7.7. Not in control, but better than some of my previous.


Then I read an article in my local newspaper about Trina Health. You can look at it on the internet if you wish. It is an Artificial Pancreas Treatment. Now this what it did for me. On Jan 14, 2015, I go for my first treatment. My legs hurt, my big toes felt numb and I had no energy. It was hard to remember things and had trouble concentrating. I was grasping for anything and this sounded hopeful.

They gave me an IV and hooked an FDA approved pump that is loaded with insulin. The take all my vitals and set the pump to deliver insulin every 6 minutes at a predetermined rate. (They is a protean set by over 30 years of research and studies. Following the protocol, they give you dextrose to become your carb load (they like to keep bs under 250) and then every six minutes you get a burst of insulin from the pump. They check bs every 30 minutes and give you more dextrose to drink. The amount of dextrose ranges from 60ml to 5ml. After an hour, you get a 15 minute rest period. Pump off. After that, you repeat the process 2 more times. It takes about 4 hours, but you are comfortable and time goes by quick. I have witnessed a lot, but will only tell my experience.


After my first treatment, I went home and took a nap. When I checked out, the office administrator asked if I felt different and I said no. I woke up from my 2.5 hour nap and something was different. Laying in bed, I was taking inventory of how bad my pain was, except I could not find anything that hurt. Well just wait until you stand up and put pressure on you legs an feet. Again, no pain. I walked into the Kitchen and told my wife and she looked at me like I was nuts. But it was gone. When you first start Trina, you go two days back to back, then once a week and then the frequency of you visits are determined by several factors, but one is determined by how well you are metabolizing carbs. I have seen several people only come once s month after doing this for several months. So back to me. My next few visits continued to show improvements. I had more energy, I was not waking up groggy. Still no leg pain due to my diabetes. I started losing weight (remember my body is metabolizing some carbs again). Concentrating at work seemed easier. My outlook on life was better. To date I have lost 30 lbs, but even though I was already losing weight, I changed meds to Glyxsmbi after s month. I had already lost 8 lbs. By July 2015, I had lost 26 pounds and was feeling great. I got busy doing my hobby (hay farm) and cut back my treatments to twice a month. I was working long hard hours between. By regular job and the farm. When my legs started hurting again, I thought it was due to my work load and lack of sleep. When hay season was over and I started going weekly again, my leg pain went away. Stupid me. I never put my leg pains with my cutting back on treatments. My A1c dropped to 6.2 in April 2016. I have not figured out how to update my profile yet, so... I am a 58 yr old male who has been a T2 for over 23 yrs I take1000 metformin twice/day, 25mg Glyxsmbi in the morning, 75 units Humalog on a sliding scale and 60 units of Lantus at night.


This had worked wonders in my life, but it is just a supplement to my ENDO. It has helped me improve my quality of life. Look it up for yourself. Trina Health Artificial Psncreas Treatment. There are YouTube interviews to look at. I live in Memphis and we have a couple drive in from St. Louis each week. It is a commitment, but I am so glad I decided to try it. They have clinics from California to the Carolinas. Trina, who this is named after, is now a 35 yr old T1. She has 5 kids and takes a treatment about every 10 days. She has been using this procedure for about 30 years.

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I can't mess withth my pancreas as I was diagnosed with a benign cyst on my islet /tail. I have to get an MRI on it yearly so they can watch it as it continues to grow and has doubled in size over the last 7 years. It coul turn cancerous at any time and as a cyst it could fill with fluid and have to be drained before it ruptures.

Thank you for your concern though.


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