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Carbohydrates - Nutrition or Poison???



I thought this might be an interesting opener....


A quote I often come across in my Google travels in the realm of diabetes is, "Carbs are poison for diabetics". I would say that I am onboard with this. I can only really write from the perspective of a newly diagnosed T2 that APPEARS to still make insulin so please forgive me if I make statements that are incorrect. One goal I am looking into is helping people that are newly diagnosed. I can't save the world but if I can get information to people and it helps them then it is worth it.


So I was thinking random thoughts while puttering around the store and one thought that popped up was wondering if carbohydrates are poison in general? Before you laugh my thought is that alcohol is also a poison. We can metabolize alcohol, small amounts of it seem to be beneficial, we can live without alcohol but it can make life more pleasurable when used carefully.


I was wondering if the same might be true with simple carbohydrates like sugars? Never in history has there been such an abundance of convenient food (much of it loaded with simple carbohydrate) and there has also been an explosion in diabetes. So my thought is could carbohydrates be to the pancreas as alcohol is to the liver?


Just today's random thought.




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Your alcohol analogy is interesting because the body does triage carbs similarly.  If given ethanol, sugar, protein or fat, the body will prioritize alcohol to be metabolized first (to the point of dedicating the liver entirely to the task), followed only by glucose.  One could, and many have, argued that this means the body sees glucose as a poison, but of course it's easier to argue that glucose is simply the most available form of energy.


I would say that I agree with the spirit of your musing, but perhaps not entirely.  Is sugar a toxin?  Anything is a toxin in high enough quantities, including water.


To a normally-functioning metabolism, carbohydrates are a fast, efficient fuel source that promotes survival.  To a modern sloth-like human like most of us (by comparison to our ancestors), combined with highly refined carbohydrates, yes, that combination is more toxic, without question in my mind.

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 The resources I read , that pretty much sums it up . but what i also read was sometimes its not the effect of the actual pancreas that is sluggish in giving us this disease , or breaking down . its the fats that collects around the pancreas were the natural insulin can not penetrate into the cells were its needed . it blocks it . Thats were we hear of reverse diabetes and med free . by  shedding off those fats to were now that barrier is less dominate . I don't have solid proof and do not know if these are marketing schemes to push up sales of buy this book . but to me it can make sense and some people it worked for them .


Carbs is great if very active , and fuels our body for a person that is D free , but in our cases I am not sure how it actually effects the pancreas except for sugars it turns into , if not burnt off , and then fats ... or does it do something else to the pancreas directly as a poison , very interesting I need to resource that .be very good to know .



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