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I hate this disease.



I can tell my BG has been high, because I just felt like it was low, and I checked and it was 114. Getting false hypos, lovely.


Still waiting on the results of my lab work from March 3. If my A1C has dropped at all, it's probably not much. I wish it didn't take so long to get the results back...


I haven't eaten a vegetable in probably 6 weeks, and I can feel my body starting to rebel and ask for some! I hate vegetables, no matter how they're prepared. Yes, even roasted. I mean, I CAN eat them, but I'd rather not, and it's like taking medicine. Yuck.


Can't wait for my birthday weekend away tomorrow. I'm going to hang out with my dogs, and probably look for a steakhouse nearby for my birthday dinner. I'll be alone, but that's fine.


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Vilya - Diabetes must be hard on people that are not "veggie" people.  I think some people just aren't veggie people and that is OK!


I don't know if this will help, but I will fry up all my veggies and meat into one large "plate" and put some cheese or fat on the top for flavor.  It is still eating vegetables but when I hit a good combo, I seem to hit a winner.


How was the steakhouse?

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I have tried every possible way to cook veggies, and I still don't really like them. I mean, there are some that I'll eat, but I don't think I have ever bought vegetables to cook for myself, other than the occasional green bean. I much prefer them raw, but even then, I don't buy them often. I do eat lettuce fairly regularly, and I like raw broccoli dipped in ranch, but it's not something I ever want to eat, until my body demands it. LOL


Ended up not going anywhere during my little getaway. I bought a slice of cake for my birthday, and just stayed in. :)

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