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Continuing the fast...



Fasting today, after a weekend of so-so eating. I have decided I really need to double down on the LC thing and get back to how I was right after dx. I've had too many slip-ups.


Today I'm fasting until dinner (from dinner last night), and I'm planning on making a big ol' pile of eggs and bacon. I'm pretty hungry today. Not starving, but you know, I'm feeling it. I've had tea and water and coffee so far, and about to get more water!


Being hungry during the day will certainly make the eggs and bacon taste better. :)


Also, I spent my lunch hour at Starbucks (for the tea), and now I smell like Starbucks. :P


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It definitely brings my BG down. I started in the 150's, and I'm down to around 100 right now. Plus, I like not having to think about food during the day. :)

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