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Carbs versus feet



Yesterday I ate under 10 carbs and also more fat. I actually had almost a pain free night and only woke up twice. Ankles feel tight today but not very painful. Dr. Jacoby says you can reduce the pain and I am hopeful now.

My fasting was 134 this mourning and has leveled out all day at 110 and for me that is great. My friend thinks I am taking it too far with such low carbs but she can walk and go to Zumba class among other things. I will just keep it to myself and maybe one day I can do Zumba myself. I am also hoping to get these last few pounds off as I am thick in the middle and Dr. Bernstein says this can cause high fasting bg's.

Where there is breath there is hope they say and I'm still breathin.'


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I'm dabbling with a full on ketogenic diet, too. Yesterday was the first day I managed to stick to it. Finally, by about midnight, I started seeing some color on my ketostix. FBG this morning was 119. Not as good as I'd hoped, but it's been running in the mid-120s lately. Weight is showing that lovely drop that indicates I've burned through most of my glycogen stores. BGs durring the day yesterday were between 86 and 109. I'm hoping to reach sub-100 FBG and sub 270 weight by doing this.

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Not sure if I am going totally in that direction as too much fat makes me somewhat nauseous. I am keeping a really close eye on the carbs though and 20 is my limit. Trying to get back to drinking lots of water too which I tend to forget. You will lose weight on LC if you stick with it. I lost over 100 lbs. doing Atkins years ago and walking 3-5 miles a day.

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