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Diabete 2 arm problem



I have diabetes from the past 10 years I try to control my diabete by the low- carbo .. I try to avoid carbo (white sugar,white flavor,soda,fast foods,rice ..) And my fasting glucose reading is 6.2 to 6.3 and in the afternoon basically after my work it goes down to 5.5 5.7 and so far I don't take any kind of medicines. Now I'm having some problems and weakness in my arms and sometimes my muscles are stiffed and it's hard for me to move my arms .. If it's due to diabetes or something else please let me know. :)


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There are so many things that are and aren't diabetes related it's hard to keep track. The 6.3 (111) isn't so bad as a high. I try to keep mine under 5.5 (100), but it ain't easy and I don't always make the cut. I'm guessing your A1c is definitely south of 6 (which is what many people target).


For what it's worth, to go back-and-forth from Euro to US readings, multiply or divide by 18. You don't need to do that in your posts. Just so you know, though, that if someone says their blood sugar is 80 you don't have to call in medivac! 


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