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Some updates



I haven't been around here for a very long time now, and it's been even longer since I last wrote anything in this blog.

There's been a lot going on in real life so I just haven't had the time or energy to be on any social media or forum.


Taking care of my own diabetes along with other health issues is for sure a kind of full time job, only it doesn't give a paycheck other than staying healthy (or as healthy as can be) by doing that job well. Lately there's been some stress around in life, so my diabetes is behaving a bit more erratic than I'd like it, but it's still manageable. The stress? Oh, just my husband being in a very unpredictable honeymoon with blood glucose all over the place and we're doing our very best to keep him in range. Both him and I hope that his diabetes honeymoon will come to an end soon, because at least for me, things became more predictable and "easier" to deal with once the honeymoon ended all those years ago. We're hoping that will be the case for him as well. His insulin needs are beginning to increase a bit now so hopefully that means the honeymoon is ending, these past few months have been pretty ugly and both of us have lost a lot of sleep due his fluctuating glucose levels.


He's still on MDI but getting started on the Minimed 640g system in a couple of weeks, something we're very grateful for as it will enable him to match his insulin needs with more precision and both of us can hopefully get better sleep as the CGMS will warn if he goes out of range, and suspend delivery in case he's about to go low, and resume once danger is over. While it's not a guarantee you won't have hypos, at least for me that feature has saved me from some bad ones and I have fewer hypos in general, especially at night when I'm not awake and can actively prevent hypos.


Gee, I can barely even type now, feeling so sleepy. Main reason I'm even awake now is because I'm in too much pain to sleep, but some extra medicine has started to work a little now so hopefully I can fall asleep. At least my husband is sleeping and I just checked is blood glucose and it's at a decent level, tad bit high but better a tad bit high than going low. Just glad I don't have to wake him to have some snack. If he wakes up a bit high later that can be dealt with then. Just can not wait until he's got the pump and CGMS up and running and the basal rates has been figured out.


Ok, can't keep my eyes open any longer, and it's not because of the painkillers...


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