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Nighttime lows blows...



So I had finally fallen asleep, hoping for a whole nights sleep... Only to wake up within 3h because my husband seemed pretty restless. Sure enough, he was having a hypo and woke up pretty much at the same time as I did. Both of us just rolled our eyes and he had some juice and a sandwich to get his blood glucose back up again. We can not wait until he starts pumping as well! While the pump isn't a guarantee for hypo free nights, at least it can prevent some of it thanks to the CGMS and the pump in question suspending insulin delivery when trends are going down. Long acting basal insulin is good and works well most of the time, but it doesn't stop working just because your blood glucose goes low, it will be there until it's done and there's nothing you can do about it except dealing with that hypo if it happens. Guess my husbands pancreas also decided it was a good idea to squirt out some of its own insulin in the middle of the night- his honeymoon is anything but a smooth ride *sigh* The path of a hurricane is more predictable than his blood glucose levels at the moment... And while diabetes is never fully predictable as there are so many factors affecting blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity, at least it can be a bit less unpredictable when you don't have to deal with an erratic bum of a pancreas that works only when it wants to and you never know when that's gonna happen...


Now we're just awake for a while to make sure his levels aren't going to the moon instead of being low. So far so good and I hope the rest of the night will consist of undisturbed sleep for both of us. We're both very tired after a long day and have things to do tomorrow...


Nighttime lows blows!


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