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ARGH! Gusher!



Soooo, I've had some issues keeping my blood glucose in range today. I couldn't really pinpoint as to why that was as I wasn't eating anything unusual, don't feel a cold coming or anything. Anyhow, earlier tonight I was due to change my infusion set and fill my pump, and as I take the old infusion set out I also got the answer as to why I've been running high today: GUSHER! OMG!


Now I've had the odd gusher in the past but they're thankfully far apart. Now this particular one got pretty nasty as I am unable to stand up at all due to spinal cord injury- see where this is going? Yeah, you guessed it... There I was, sitting in my wheelchair going about to change my site when I suddenly get a splash of blood on my lap when I removed the old site and it just wouldn't stop bleeding for a while even with holding paper firmly over the "blood volcano"There was blood on the floor, blood on my pants, blood on my hands, blood on the wheelchair! Complete, utter mess to put it simple. Guess it would look like a murder scene in the kitchen if someone was to spray Luminol there... Nope, not a crime scene, only a T1 changing her insulin pump site.


Finally got the bleeding to stop and had to get help from my husband and parents to wash away all the blood and change clothes before finishing the site change and starting a load of laundry to hopefully not have to toss away my clothes because of big blood stains. Clothes are clean and dry now (thanks heavens for tumble dryers!) and looks like we got rid of all stains.


New site is in and my blood glucose is doing better! I really should have thought about changing my site earlier today when my glucose levels started to go up a bit, but as an old timer with T1 it was one of those simple solutions that just slipped past my mind because that site had been working fine up until today and it wasn't an overused site, nor had the set been in for too long. Just never learn to check the site first, before trying to find another 100 excuses as to why glucose is running too high. I mean it is after all cold season, I did have a kinda carby meal some hours before (nothing unusual, and I covered for it) and I'm a woman so hey, it could have been hormonal etc. Just didn't cross my mind that it could be the site because it looked fine- I can't really say felt fine as I don't have sensation in the area, and I was due to change sets today anyways so I was just going to do it later.


Hopefully I'll think of checking the site next time I'm running high without explanation, it really should be the first thing to check, along with tubing. Just never learn...


I really greatly dislike running high. Living with SCI further complicates things while running high because you know... The bladder is affected as well... I normally go on a schedule to avoid accidents as I don't feel my bladder and have little to no control over it and it works fine when my glucose levels are behaving. When running high enough to start peeing more I can't rely on my usual schedule and it greatly limits my ability to do things when running high as I'm not using an indwelling catheter but using intermittent ones each time I go. Have often been thinking that indwelling and leg bag would be easier at times, but the risk of UTI is so much higher with indwelling than with intermittent so my doctors and I prefer to avoid indwelling as much as possible


Oh, and I think I'll start to put a thick towel on my lap when changing infusion set in the future, to hopefully save my clothes from gushers if they happen...


At a nice and comfy 6.8mmol/l with stable arrow right now, so time to get some sleep, I'm beyond exhausted. Just wanted to make sure new site is working fine, and get my sugars down to better levels (they were hovering around 12-15mmol/l earlier. UGH) before going to sleep.


I really greatly dislike running high. Living with SCI further complicates it as well because you know... The bladder is affected as well... I normally go on a schedule to avoid accidents


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