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Being friends with diabetes



Having lived with type 1 diabetes for about 11 years there are some things that are just auto pilot, and other things which are still difficult in managing. But regardless of any struggles that type 1 diabetes brings, I don't actually mind living with it, it has become part of who I am and even though I was diagnosed later in life (at 20) rather than in childhood I barely remember life before diabetes theses days.


I really don't mind the needle aspect of diabetes, it has never bothered me actually. I may not particularly enjoy CGM changes but even those aren't too bad. Injections, finger pricks or infusion site changes doesn't phase me the slightest, I just do it. But something that does bother me at times is the constant thinking you have to do when living with diabetes, estimating the possible outcome of an action and countering it to stay within range, things a non diabetic body does on its own. The whole constant thing about diabetes can get to me as well at times, especially on days where I struggle to keep my glucose level in range and may have it go up and down more than the elevators of Empire State Building despite my best efforts to have my glucose levels be more like a smooth ride on a gondola in Venice.


I am friends with my diabetes, not best friends of course but we tend to get along pretty well and I do think diabetes has made me a stronger person and hopefully a better person as well, I'd even feel very lost without diabetes to be really honest and I'm not sure I'd take a cure if a cure is ever found for type 1 diabetes, there are others who struggle more with their diabetes in every way that needs that cure more than I do.

I do however consider diabetes to be that annoying friend, you know... That friend who doesn't understand the concept of personal space, the friend who keeps calling you about stupid things even when knowing you're sick and just want to rest, the friend who will talk all the time when you're trying to read a book or watch TV or a movie, the friend who'll keep you awake all night talking about everything between earth and the outer rim of the universe when having a slumber party, the friend who walks in on you when having an ummm intimate moment with your significant other. But even with all that and the annoyances it's still a friend and you do have fun together even though that friend is driving you mad at the best of times. Not to mention that the friend might sleep walk and empty the fridge at night. Sometimes it would be nice to just be allowed to have some me-time without that friend disturbing, wishing the friend would just leave you alone if only just for a few hours or a day. Unfortunately this friend doesn't leave you alone, you can't just mute your phone to be left alone because then the friend will come over to your house instead and knock on the door until you open and then walk straight to raid your fridge or play Candy Crush in your bathroom. Sometimes you just want to shout at that friend to just leave you alone for once, but they don't listen with that ear.


As I'm typing this I'm rounding off a day of riding the elevator of Empire State Building and the friend just raided the fridge, in other words, I've just had to correct a hypo after a pretty rough day diabetes wise. I still don't hate diabetes, but do hope it will shut up and let me get some sleep now, and behave better tomorrow...

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SweetandBendy, I enjoyed your story.  I know just how you feel.  Never seem to get a quite moment with diabetes.  Been looking for that quite moment for some 13 years or so. . .

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