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Been rather busy over the holidays so I haven't had time to check in here much. Had a great Christmas and New Year's, just busy with in-laws visiting and various family gatherings in general.


The holidays did however go pretty smoothly even with both me and hubby indulging some and paying for it later when neither of us got the insulin dose right the first time :lol: But I was still both surprised and impressed with how smooth everything has been, this was after all the first holiday season for my husband as a diagnosed type 1 diabetic, and on January 1st we celebrated his diaversary. And yes, we celebrated. He's doing well and he's managed that first year with type 1 diabetes very well, that is worth celebrating! That first year can be the worst one as you're trying to learn everything, learn how your body reacts to certain things, all while your pancreas might decide to be a twat and start working randomly and you don't know when. My husband is still in his honeymoon phase, but we're noticing a trend that he's needing to take a bit more insulin so looks like it may be ending. And I guess both of us will be relieved about that because his diabetes has been rather unpredictable for months now. Not that diabetes is ever predictable, but when you're 100% dependent on injected insulin with zero own production, at least you might be able to get an idea unless something unexpected happens that changes the whole situation, be it just a car backfiring outside the house so you get scared, and those glucose levels can be all over the place.


Either way. Busy but smooth holidays in my family, and both my husband and I are so grateful that he got his pump and CGMS a couple of months ago because that definitely made the season easier. Husband is having fewer hypos since he got the pump, much thanks to the Smart Guard that stops the insulin delivery when risking a hypo, and resumes it when back at safe levels. And yes, my husband and I have the same model of insulin pump :) Only his is black, mine is pink. He was tempted to go with Animas and the Dexcom but in the end went with Medtronic because it's a system he was familiar with before, from me, and he knew how useful Smart Guard can be so he wanted to have that as well.


I'm kinda sad that the holidays are over now. Christmas time is my favorite time of the year because it's so cozy with all the lights and decorations. January is just boring and gloomy and I wouldn't mind doing like the bears: hibernate!


But now, one last look at the CGMS and one last fingerstick of the day to compare the two, then some sleep!


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