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To eat or not to eat that is the question



Having breakfast. Smoothie with sf almond milk, strawberry, 7 almonds, 2Tbs. Smart Balance peanut butter, 1 wee slice of frozen banana, 6 blueberries, 1tsp. Coconut oil and a drop of banana extract all blended and in my glass. Anxious to see what my reading is in 2 hours.

Yesterday was great. That Boca chicken burger with soup stuffed me to the gills. I never craved anything afterward much less meat and got all my required protein in to boot.

Remembering as a child in a coal camp never having meat. In fact I was around 8 years old when we first had chicken once a week and a beef roast once when I was 9. Hunmm come to think of it. Guess I have been a lacto-ovo vegetarian longer than I knew.

Let-us leaf cabbage head. Hahahaha

Back with the two hour after a breakfast of that smoothie. 102!!!!! Wow the lowest it's ever been after a meal . Cooking lentils no chicken bouillon broth to have with supper tonight. Hopefully......


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