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Through the garden



Went to bed with bgs of 120. Fasting with the DP 135. Ate the same smoothie for breakfast as yesterday but added a handful of fresh spinach for added protein and....2 TBS. of organic plain yogurt. 2hours later....138!!

That will teach me one thing. If it aint broke don't try to fix it. Why I just "had" to have yogurt is beyond me. I don't even like yogurt but yogurt advocates praise it to the moon. I for will stick to Krogers Carb Smart which never affected my sugar if that is I decide to have it again. It never added any flavor so it was pointless.

Just made a big bowl of garden, because yes it contains 10 lc veggies, to have handy for a few days. Be prepared. Be determined. Be confident that with hard work you can and will succeed.

Grandma Greenie signing off. :-)


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