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Fake. The new food group. :-D



Okay I just ate a hotdog that tasted like a hotdog but was not a hotdog. Last night I had vegetables cooked in chicken broth made out of chicken bouillon that wasn't chicken.

For supper tonight I'm gonna have chili with hamburger that's not hamburger. Haha! Thing is so far it's all been good except for those not sausage links. I would compare the taste to maybe tightly rolled cardboard including the look as well as the taste. Blech!

The good thing my sugar is finally getting better. I have energy. I sleep all night with little if any leg cramps and today I shopped for almost 2 hours without my toes doing weird cramping and my calves barely hurt right now.

Bad thing? Wasting a ton of money trying to find stuff I like plus being winter no farmers markets are open so organic plus gmo is hard to find.

I am quite happy with this meatless lifestyle. :-)


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