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First day of reduced meds.



This morning my fasting was 134. I attribute this to eating a pk. of peanut butter cheese crackers and half an orange after church and close to bed time. Ugh. Live and maybe learn.

No Metformin this morning. Ate 2 fried eggs, sauted green and red peppers and leeks. Coffee with cream and 2 glasses of water. Sugar....2hour readin....97. Has my sugar ever been under 100? Maybe five times in 12 years. I intend to have quinoa and leafy greens for lunch. Since my Metformin is 1000 I may take half of one and see how how my body reacts to a carb load.

Taking half my pill again with supper but supper will be vegetables and a veggie burger. Time will tell the tale. My reading average over 2 weeks is 138. Much better than the prior 2 weeks before my lifestyle change was 174. :-O

My goal over the next month is to cut my Metformin to 2x500 instead of 2x1000.


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