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Yesterday was a bust



Bah. No doubt the whole grain sammich flat bread is not going to cut it. Had a french toast yesterday and my sugar stayed up all day around an average of 150. Lunch was a big green salad and supper was a vegan chicken cutlet and green beans. Snack was a rye wasa cracker with hummus and spinach.

One or more of them contributed to a higher bg. Not that it isn't still consistanly lower than the last 11 years but it was still higher than the last week. My fasting was 139. Higher than yesterday. Anyway today I'm going to get some Ezekiel seed bread, walnuts, hemp seeds, vegan butter, low fat dressings, pasture raised eggs and pan spray. Plus multivitamins.

Having old fashioned oatmeal with almonds and sunflower seeds for breakfast. The last time I had that the sugars were good. We shall see.

The only way to be a winner is to stay in the race. I will never eat meat again!

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